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The Healing Hands of Evil

I was raised a catholic. I didn’t attend church much, but I believed in Jesus and God loosely. In my early twenties I hit a point where I was confused about what the truth was, and where it was, and who was telling it. I didn’t know what to believe, and I didn’t know where to find it. I begged God if he was there to reveal himself to me and to give me something, and to show me the truth. I really wanted it, and he revealed it to me very quickly. I don’t remember all the circumstances that occurred, but I clearly remember reading my NIV study bible and it didn’t sound right to me( this was before I knew about all of the changes and deletions) and I pulled my grandparents KJV bible out of my closet and started reading that instead. I also found people like you on the internet that God undoubtedly used to speak his Word to me. Before i knew it, he had revealed himself, and it was clear as day. I thank him every day for this; it was like he plucked me out of a bucket of chaos and put me where I could see. So just before that time when I begged God to show me the truth, I was attending what were called Healing Masses at a local Catholic Church. The priest that held these would travel the Pittsburgh area and have these masses where he would bless people and they would fall over and such. I was in college at the time and friends of ours (an entire local family) that I grew up with and around had experienced something supernatural. Robert, the father of this family, who was not a true believer in anything for that matter had experienced something at one of these healing masses.

Robert does a lot of volunteering, and works at a funeral home in this town and so he naturally knows some clergymen. From the surface, Robert only ever attends catholic mass for the habit and ritual of it. I don’t know his heart, but I do know what he experienced was not something that he would lie about. He is not that kind of person. This is about 10 years ago, so forgive my rusty memory. Anyway, Robert attended mass one night, and it happened to be one of these healing masses that happen a couple times a year. The healing part took place after the regular mass, so Robert volunteered to help, “catch” those that fall from the touch on the forehead/so called blessing. From what he said, he thought nothing of it, and just kind of let it be and didn’t pass any judgement on the people falling or assuming they were faking it, so he just kept is thoughts to himself. After those that stayed after mass for the healing had received their blessing or healing, the catchers were also offered a chance to be blessed. Robert was offered to receive a blessing while the other catchers offered to catch him if he fell. He said he was surprised and that he didn’t think anything of it, and nothing more than a simple prayer and a touch, however he experienced something when it happened and for quite a while afterwards. Robert said that as soon as the priest touched him he was out like a light and he doesn’t remember the touch or falling. He said he saw a figure in light and its outline and it looked like someone that could be Jesus (I don’t think it was…) he said after that he was floating above trees in a forest and he felt like a balloon, and that his vision was frosted at the sides like he was looking through frosted glass at its edges. He said a few other things, but I cannot recall. He awoke up on the floor but he said he felt like he was laying on a pile of pillows. Everyone else except the priest and church staff had left the altar and had gone home.

Robert had been out cold for quite a while so they had just let him lay there. Robert also said that he felt almost drunk and very sleepy. In fact, he told me that the next few days had been the best sleep of his life, but he was super relaxed and tired most the day too. This changed him for quite a while; he saw visions and heard things continually. He still works at the church, and there were times that he would go to mass and he would say that the priest would start preaching the entire mass in Latin (Robert couldn’t understand the Latin) and he noticed that no one else could hear it. He went to the priest afterwards and the priest said he was never preaching In Latin and that Robert was still experiencing effects and blessings. Meanwhile, other people in Robert’s life were experiencing weird things. Even me, I was attending these masses and catching the falling people, and I was brought astray at this current time in my life. Robert’s wife experienced that same story you mentioned about another woman waking up with a supernatural force holding her down on her bed. I also experienced the same multiple times that summer, and I have never had that happened to me in my life and never have since. I research, “sleep paralysis.” I believe there’s more to it. This is not a coincidence. I felt pure the presence of evil when that happened to me and so did Lynn (Robert’s wife). Robert and the priest conducting the healing masses became good friends, and so they would share a glass of scotch together occasionally at the church and Lynn and Robert would invite my family and I to go with them and spend time with the priest. Lynn, the priest and many others at a church party saw what they referred to as the, “sun spinning.” There were a lot of things that didn’t make sense to me at this time in my life, but I believe God brought me in and took me out of it because I yearned for the truth. Not long after this all I found you and your church and the KJV Amen! I have shared what I have found through the bible and your church with as many that would hear it. Including my own family, and they believe it. Oh, also I was receiving that blessing on the forehead as well when we went to these healing masses. I didn’t experience visions or anything, but I did feel something and it felt like electricity and I felt it right on my forehead where he was almost touching me. It was not static discharge it was something else. It had current to it, but I didn’t get anything more than that. There was without a doubt something going on there. I am convinced now that it was very wicked.



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