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The Shadow Cat

I moved to a small (1000 pop.) community about 4.5 years ago.  After living here 8 months, I was able to purchase a small (600sq. ft.) house.  Shortly after moving in, I started noticing movements in my peripheral vision, around the living room when I was watching movies or your videos on my lap-top.  When I would look up there would be nothing there.   This house has two bedrooms.  One I use as it was intended, and the other I have since made into my “Media Room”, where I have moved my computer, and now watch your videos on the large screen TV that I use as my computer monitor.  The Big Screen is on the wall right by the door to this room.  After moving my things into this room, I started noticing that the shadowy movements were more defined now.  If I would be watching one of your videos, I could periodically see something come into the doorway of this room.  It would pause right on the threshold. 
Since I live in a very wooded area, at first I thought I was seeing rats or mice that were sneaking into the house, to get out of the cold.  But rats and mice do not vanish when looked upon.  So I started to pay closer attention to it without looking directly at it when it would walk into the doorway.  Using just my peripheral vision, I saw what appeared to be a cat!  It would proceed just head and shoulders into the room, look up at the screen for a few seconds, turn and look at me, and then back out of the room.  The first couple of times this happened, I actually got up and walked out into the living room to see where this “cat” had gone!  But it was nowhere within the house.  Sometimes though this strange “cat” would just slowly fade out of sight instead of backing out of the room. (now that I think about it, just like the famous Cheshire Cat!  Do you think that Lewis Carol was on to something? Did he have a Familiar?)   I can only think that it is/was a familiar spirit that is looking for its human person who lived here before me.  Anyway,it has not reappeared around here for many months now, it probably did not like the fact that I tend to binge watch your videos, sing old-time gospel hymns out loud around the house, and read my KJV before turning out my lights at night, and again first thing in the morning before I even crawl out of bed.  I also leave the radio on all day while I am gone, tuned into a local Christian radio station.
After living in this community for sometime, I have learned that we have a very active new age movement infiltrating the local Lutheran church. (They have a Tri-quetra emblem on their sign in front of the church.)  These people are led by woman who claims to be an “Interfaith Minister”.  They are into meditative labyrinth walking, “forest bathing” and all kinds of other weirdness!  There is also a fairly large wiccan population here., besides outright witches!  I truly believe that GOD has directed my move here, but at the same time, I have never lived in a place that at times has such a palpable feeling of darkness and evil in the air, as can be found here.
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